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Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker Discontinued RIP


Besides being one of my favorite products out there, the Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker was one of my favorite reviews ever, but unfortunately it seems to have been discontinued while I wasn’t paying attention.  This is more of just a PSA that if you own one of these great items, you might want to stock up on a few refills (via Amazon) so you can extend the life of yours if you were lucky enough to grab one before they discontinued them.


One option you do still have left at the time of this writing is you can check out eBay where you are going to pay a heck of a lot more for the actual whole marker instead of just a refill.  I had to search through the results for a little bit because I kept coming across the Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen and not the marker, but I eventually found (here via eBay) but for a pretty inflated price.  Not sure why Sharpie discontinued these because they are pretty awesome, but this seems like the last way to get your hands on one.  I did check a few dozen other office supply stores online that had them showing in their search results, but upon adding them to my cart they all said they were out of stock.

If you are looking for the refills in person or just searching online, the photo above shows what the packaging looks like.  Just make sure you look for the red and black packaging with the model number 1751000 in the upper left corner.  You don’t want to confuse these with the refills for the stainless steel Sharpie Pen.  As you can see, I grabbed two for myself, I might grab a few more. Either way I suggest that if you love your Stainless Steel Sharpie Permanent Marker as much as I do, you better get some of these refills (via Amazon) now before they are gone

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