Stand Out From The Pack When Dating Online


Authored by Abigail Beal in Dating 
Published on 11-12-2008

Dating online can be challenging sometimes. It feels like there are so many other men and women out there searching for someone special. How can you make your online dating profile stand out from the pack – so you can attract the man or woman of your dreams? Learn to get your online dating profile the attention it truly deserves.

The best online dating profiles are genuine and natural. When you place an online dating profile, you want to put your best foot forward – but you also don’t want to stretch the truth. If you never use your stove don’t say you are a gourmet cook. Instead talk about how much you love to eat out and how you always know the very best restaurants in town. There is always a positive side to everything. Learn to find the positive qualities you can put forward that will make you appealing to the opposite sex.

Think about what makes you unique and add this to your profile. Everyone has something special about them. If you aren’t sure what makes you truly “you,” try asking your family and friends what is truly special about you. Ask them to give you some examples of what you are like. Some of these adjectives and stories can easily lead to a great description.

Improve your techy skills and add a video! Many online dating website today will let you add a video greeting to fellow singles. This is a great way for people to get an idea of what your mannerisms are like and what your personality is like. So ask someone you know to take a short video greeting of you. Practice it ahead of time and shoot it several times. Use the best one for your online dating profile.

Use unique photos for your online dating profile. Most people will put up a headshot or a photo of them with some friends. Why not add a photo of yourself as a baby? Or of yourself as a small child in a Halloween costume? Or a photo that shows you catching the biggest fish of the day at the pier – or something else you are especially proud of? Most men and women visit dating websites to surf through dozens of pictures and profiles. Whatever you can do to make yours stand out gives you the edge to get you more personal messages – hopefully one from someone that could be very special in your life.

Check out your competition before you post your profile – it may give you ideas to make your profile even better. You’ll realize that some people don’t spend very much time on their profiles. Or others are carefully written. Some use humor very well. Others are just too sarcastic or silly. Reading your competition’s online dating profiles will help you see what a potential man or woman who is looking for love will see when they look for a match meeting their specifications comes up.


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