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Standing on Your Head One Approach to Standup Comedy

  • By Ray La Foy
  • Published 01/13/2009
  • Satire

Fine! People around you find you funny and witty. But is this enough reason for you to pursue a career as a professional standup comedian? Well, partly yes. Being funny and at the same time witty can be a start of a fruitful career as a comedian. But it is important to note that being a comedian is a serious business. It is a no-joke venture. To do stand up comedy jokes you need to have the guts and a strong ego to do comedy in front of an audience. Not just that. You also need to be virtually insane to deliver explosive stand up comedy jokes. Of course you wouldn’t want your first standup comedy act to be a flop right? So, to evade the embarrassment, you need to come up with explosive stand up comedy jokes. Tips on making stand up comedy jokes There is a common misconception that standup comedians do nothing but tell little jokes or hilarious stories to drunken audience at night. It’s a lot more complex than that! Standup comedians spend hours in making stand up comedy jokes and perfecting their routine. They invest time and effort in formulating stand up comedy jokes that will leave the audience laughing out loud and never have dull moments. To help you come up with explosive stand up comedy jokes, here are some tips you need to know:

1.Follow the formula – Joke building follows two basic formuals – the setup, which explain

s the joke and the punch line, which construes the delivery of the stand up comedy jokes. For beginners, it is safe to stick to the formula to get better laughs. 2.Find a joke in everything – This is the secret to prevent embarrassing moments. Try hard to find the funny in everything and in every situation. The more you are creative in making stand up comedy jokes, the better you will get in making up jokes. 3.List your stand up comedy jokes – Jot down a list of hot jokes that you know will beef up your comedy act. 4.Observation stand up comedy jokes – By simply pointing out absurd and real funny things that happen every day and are part of everyday life, you can make people laugh. 5.Mimic stand up comedy jokes – You can mimic someone in a funny way. This will definitely add humor to your act. Make sure that the person you mimic is a well-known person so that everyone can relate to. Beyond stand up comedy Jokes In addition to these tips on enhancing your stand up comedy jokes, you also need to build up your comic vocabulary. Some terms you need to be familiar with are To Kill (to do really well), To bomb (to do really badly), Set up (the explanation part of a joke), and all other stand up comedy jokes term.

Now that you have read this advice, you can now improve your stand up comedy jokes and start killing your audiences with your stand up routines. Master the tips and you are way to getting the fame as a pro stand up comedian.



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