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Staples 16Sheet High Speed CrossCut Shredder Giveaway


The Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder – Giveaway Item #4

Our last item for Giveaway Week is the Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder, which is quite an impressive machine.  After you check out the following review, be sure to read the rules below to see how you can enter to win one of these for yourself.


The Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder On Off Switch, its Hard to Miss

The first thing I noticed (and really liked) about this high speed shredder was the large size of the on / off switch.  Instead of being super streamlined, the switch is almost bulky, which is good  because it is nearly impossible to miss or to have your finger slip off of when you are using it.  You will also notice the “High Speed” language splashed across the front with the speedometer imagery.  At first when I saw the shredder marketed this way, I had my doubts, and in typical OSG style, I had all kinds of plans for a “shredder race” to see how it compared to other shredders in terms of speed.  Unfortunately I’ve only got two hands, so being able to video tape such an “event” was nearly impossible.

In order to test these though, I took two strips of 40″ x 3″ paper (good thing I bought Christmas wrapping paper on sale last year) and ran them through the Staples High Speed Shredder and a standard shredder, while timing how long it took to shred the entire 40″ length of the paper.  The standard shredder took about 22.5 seconds to shred the 40″ long sheet of paper into 1/8″ cross cut shreds, while the Staples High Speed Shredder tore through the same length of paper at an impressive 13.3 seconds.  I was impressed to see that this thing not only lives up to the “high speed” claim, but it does so VERY convincingly.


The Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder Top View

The top view here shows the 8.8″ feeder slot that takes in up to 16 sheets of paper at a time, that can also handle credit cards and CDs.  I did try 16 sheets of paper and the machine had no problems, I even pushed my luck and it seemed to have no issue ripping through 20 sheets of paper at once.  Obviously you don’t want to ignore the manufacturers recommendations, AND it also all depends on the thickness of the paper you are shredding, but with that said, the machine never seemed to show any signs of stress regardless of how many sheets I was putting through there.

The 7.6 gallon waste bin holds plenty of shredded documents, and is super easy to remove and replace with the handle that is nicely integrated into the front of the unit, and emptying it was fairly easy as well.  Although the size of this Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder has it rated for “office use” with 2-5 people, it is still small enough that it can fit by your home desk and make for a very powerful and reliable home shredder for all of those financial documents and junk mail so you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.  Now that you have an idea what this shredder is capable of, how about you enter for a chance to win one?

The Giveaway:

Similar rules as the giveaways for the Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen , TWBSI 540 Fountain Pen and IdeaPaint which you still have time to sign up for.  For this giveaway there will only be one winner.

Rules are as follows: 1. You must be a US resident 2. Entries must be left by 11:59 PM Eastern time on December 16, 2011 3. Up to 3 entries per person, but only one of each method (ie. 1 straight comment, 1 twitter comment, and 1 newsletter comment)

4. Winner will be announced on December 17, 2011. Winners will have one week from that day to claim their prize


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