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Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible


Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible Tabbed Dividers in Levenger Circa Notebook all Black

We frequently get asked about Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible accessories and if they fit each other, so I thought this post would be helpful to quickly and decisively answer that question.  My Levenger Circa Tech Foldover was a recent purchase that I made so I could always have my tablet handy along with my analog notes, but I wanted to add some accessories to customize it a bit.  With my preference for things that are all black I was having a hard time finding things on the Levenger website to meet that requirement.  Levenger tends to go the more colorful route, which is obviously not a bad thing, but in this instance it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Luckily in the Staples Arc line, there are some all black or also gray items that helped me round out my new Circa notebook to make it exactly what I wanted.  My initial desire was to have black tabbed dividers that were Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible so I was thrilled when I found these at Staples.


Staples Arc compatible pocket folder in Levenger Circa all Black

Next up to customize my Levenger Circa Tech foldover was to put in a non-colored pocket folder to store loose documents and extra items.  Luckily Staples carries a smoke colored Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible folder that was the perfect fit.  Although not black, it definitely keeps with the dark and almost black theme for this notebook.


Staples Arc compatible zipper pocket in Levenger Circa all Black

The next item was all black too and to be honest I wasn’t even looking for it, but when I saw it on the shelf at Staples, I figured I should probably grab it because it looked like it would be pretty convenient.  Its basically a zip up pocket that attaches to the Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible discs for extra storage in your notebook.  Its big enough to fit some index cards as you see above, although you do have to flex them slightly to get them to fit in the pocket.  My cell phone was another item that fit right in there.  I also put some extra cash in mine as well as attaching my Verbatim Clip-it USB flash drive onto some of the index cards.  You never know when you will need some index cards, extra cash or a flash drive so I love having this zipper pocket with me at all times now.  The only minor issue with the zip up pocket is that you when you fold over the notebook, writing against the pocket under the paper could be challenging.  I just added some extra blank pages in front of it though to help balance out the writing area.

Regardless of if you are in the Staples Arc or the Levenger Circa camp for your disc binding needs, keep in mind that Staples Arc and Levenger Circa Compatible accessories are out there and sometimes a bit of cross pollination is a good thing.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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