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Staples SpaceSaver Paper Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity


Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder Under Desk

Recently our friends over at Staples sent us one of their Space-Saver Paper Shredders to take a look at and review.  As you can see in the above photo, its a pretty compact unit, measuring only 8.5 inches across the front face that you see, it makes it easy to slide next to any desk or file cabinet without getting in your way.  I was able to fit the Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity comfortably under my messy desk.  In addition to being so compact, the other great thing about the Staples Space-Saver Shredder is that it comes  in multiple colors for a limited time.  The color selection includes blue, black, purple, red, and orange which is nice considering that when you usually buy a new shredder your color option is black.


Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder Drawer

The Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity has a very sleek design and has a 5 gallon pull out bin that can accept bags to keep things a little more clean and tidy for you.  The obvious measure taken for getting the design to be so narrow was to put the paper feeding slot in a vertical orientation.  Not only did that allow for a thinner design, but it also makes for a more natural motion when feeding the paper into it and in a sitting position.  One unique quirk I found was when shredding long thin sheets of paper, like a tri-folded sheet of 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper.  The shredding sensor is towards the middle of the feed slot and if you feed something long and thin in there but more towards the top of the sensor, it wont pull it all the way through and finish shredding it.  This is because there is a slight upward pulling motion while the shredder is pulling the item in.  Eventually it will work its way high enough so that the sensor thinks the paper has fed all the way through.  Making this mistake once or twice should be enough of a reminder to be more deliberate about where you feed the paper in.  Its also an easily fixed issue by just sliding the power button to the reverse mode.


Staples Space Saver Shredder Side by Side

As compared to the Staples 16 sheet heavy duty shredder that we reviewed in the past, this one only has a capacity of 10 sheets.  I do however think that the trade off in size is well worth the smaller capacity if you are looking to reclaim some floor space in your office area.


Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder Side View

Besides the paper capacity, one other difference you can see in this side view is that the Staples Space-Saver paper shredder has a flat bottom with no wheels as compared to the 16 page high capacity shredder.  Personally I prefer the lack of wheels on this version since you probably just want to tuck it away and forget about it until its time to empty the waste container.  It also makes it easier to empty the container when there are no wheels because it doesn’t roll forward on you when you pull the drawer open.  In terms of the size, the front to back measurement here is about 18 inches which should work well with most desks in terms of sitting next to it without sticking out.

Some of the other features on the Staples Space Saver Paper Shredder not mentioned above are as follows:

  • 10-Sheet, Cross-Cut, Personal Shredder, Shreds Credit Cards and Staples
  • 4 minutes continuous run time
  • Hassle-free paper feed: Easy, “no look” shredding means never bending or crouching
  • Easy Emptying: Pull out and replace the bin in one, simple motion
  • Shreds up to 6.56 ft/min
  • Overheat indicator
  • Cross-Cut shred size: 0.16 x 1.97 in (4x50mm)
  • Slide Switch – Rev/Off/Auto/Fwd
  • Auto Stop Start
  • Bin full indicator
  • Dimensions: 24.60” H x 18.00” W x 8.50” D
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

I’m definitely a fan of the Staples Space-Saver Paper Shredder with 10 Sheet Capacity, because it performs well and does a great job of saving space and looking good.  I will say that its performance is slightly slower than the 16 sheet capacity model that we mentioned above.  At the end of the day this doesn’t really bother me too much because the extra 3-4 seconds to shred something probably won’t matter to you unless the FBI or IRS is kicking in your door. 🙂

Again, big thanks to the nice folks from Staples for providing this review sample, and as always these opinions are our own and free office supplies while nice, don’t change our opinion or findings for review purposes.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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