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Star Wars Moleskine Journal Review


Star Wars Moleskine Ruled (left) and Unruled (right) Journals

This is definitely the biggest giveaway I’ve done here, we are giving away a total of 12 Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskine Journals to 6 lucky winners! Based on how popular the Pac Man Moleskine giveaway was, I thought this would be something that people were really interested in, and I wanted to do something to give back to all of the great readers that make this site possible.  Check out the review first, and then read below to see how you can enter to win your own set of two of these cool notebooks.


Star Wars Moleskine Unruled Cover

First up, you have the large and small unruled version of the Star Wars Moleskine journals.  This version has the classic Star Wars text logo, along with the scrolling text below it.  Both instances of text are done in a copper colored foil stamp imprinted on the cover with a vast array of stars in the background.

Inside Cover of the Blank Star Wars Moleskine Journal

On the inside cover of the unruled Moleskine journal, you can see multiple X-Wing starfighters with the quote “Man your ships. And may the force be with you.”  This is probably some of the most colorful and detailed imagery that I’ve seen on any inside cover of a Moleskine, and it looks absolutely fantastic, I don’t think my picture does it justice.

Inside Back Pocket of the Unruled Star Wars Moleskine

There really is not that much going on in the inside of the back cover on the unruled version of the journal, but it is cool that the star pattern continues on inside of the pocket.  Here comes the cool thing about the back pockets on all of these Star Wars Moleskine journals though:


Replicas of the Original Star Wars Movie Poster

Inside the back pocket of each journal, you get either a small or large replica version of the original Star Wars movie poster.  The small journal comes with a 9″ x 6.25″ version of the poster, while the large version comes with a  13.5″ x 9.5″ version of it.  Each poster is folded into quarters and inserted in the back pocket.  The same posters are found in the ruled version of the Star Wars Moleskine journals, lets take a look at those:


Cover of the Ruled Version of the Star Wars Moleskine Notebook

The cover on the ruled Moleskine version has the “warp speed” view of stars in motion and passing you by with the “Star Wars” text logo smack in the middle of it all, stamped on it in a nice metallic silver tone.


Star Wars Ruled Moleskine Journal Inside Cover Showing the Death Star

The inside front cover of the ruled version has a ginormous shot of the Death Star, with the quote “I have a very bad feeling about this.” and with the Millennium Falcon in view.


Star Wars Moleskine Journal Ruled Back Pocket

The back pocket on this version keeps in form with the blank version in that the star pattern on the cover extends over to and even inside the pocket itself.  For some reason I think this one looks much cooler.

Thats pretty much it, nothing about these other than all of the cool Star Wars art work is any different than your standard black Moleskine, but these are supposedly collectors editions, so you probably want to get your hands on your own Star Wars Moleskine Journals ASAP.  I know the older Pac Man ones sold out pretty quick, and the only ones I’ve seen for sale currently were a few bucks more expensive than when they were originally introduced.


Star Wars Moleskines – Enter to Win Your Own Set

Now on to the good stuff….here is how how 6 lucky readers will each have a chance win a set of two of these Limited Edition Moleskine Journals for themselves!

How to win a Star Wars Moleskine Journal:

1. You MUST be a resident of the US.

2. All entries must be submitted no later than 10PM Eastern on Monday, September 19, 2011.

3. Winners will be announced on the morning of Tuesday September 20, 2011.

4. Winners will have until Tuesday September 27, at 11:59 PM to claim their prizes.

5. There is only one set of the unruled version (5 sets of the ruled versions) being given away, first come first sever rules apply to being able to pick that one over the ruled versions if you are one of the winners.

How You Can Enter:

You will have up to 3 chances to enter, each entry requires that you leave a separate comment according to the following:

1. Leave a comment on this thread

2. ReTweet the following on Twitter: “Win a pair of #StarWars @Moleskine Notebooks from @OfficeSupplyGee #giveaway http://goo.gl/N0Re2”  Once you have done that, come back and leave another separate comment with a link to that status update.

3. Sign up for the Monthly Giveaway and Newsletter, then come back and leave another comment letting us know that you have signed up, if you are already signed up that counts too, just leave a comment.

Best of luck to everyone, and as usual, thanks for checking out the site and sharing with your friends!  Oh, and if you don’t want to wait to try and win one because you don’t think you have such great luck, you can always just buy some of your very own here: Star Wars Moleskine Journals.

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