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Star Wars Moleskine Planner 2013 Review


I’m having a hard time keeping up (which is not a bad thing) with all of the Moleskine limited edition and licensed products.  You can now pre-order 2013 Moleskine Star Wars Planners.  No idea when they are shipping, but you don’t typically see 2013 calendars available until later in the year.


Don’t forget there are also the new Moleskine Lego Limited Edition journals as well…all of this has me curious though as to what the next in line might be?  Personally I’d love to see a Scooby Doo and Matchbox limited edition, and I think that an Indiana Jones and Strawberry Shortcake version might be winners as well.  Anyone else have good ideas for a other licences that they would like to see Moleskine go after for this line of notebooks?

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