Start an Internet Cafe Business


Authored by Marius Preda in Small Business
Published on 12-25-2008

Here are simple steps to open an internet cafe business:

Start with a dependable business plan

A few items you should include in your plan are first the number of opening hours of your internet shop. Some internet cafes open 8 hours a day. Some choose to operate 15 hours while some 24/7. Choose one that fits your plan. Second, consider your internet rates. You have the option to have fixed hourly rates or give your customers an open time rate. Aside from your opening hours and cost rates, also include a plan to choose the right service provider for your internet connection needs. There are several service providers to choose from. Just make sure you also consider the number of computers you will have with the speed rate. Afterwards, decide also to offer other services aside from net surfing in your cafe like faxing, printing and games. These add “ons” create a lot of traffic to internet shops as well. Lastly, plan your cafe service. Develop a coffee menu as well as offer other food selections like bagels, donuts, sandwiches, and chips maybe even spaghetti. Some internet cafes even offer noodles so don’t be afraid to try out and experiment with food choices.

Get the permits and licenses needed

Consult with a business lawyer. Find out the requirements you need to start your internet cafe business. Then fill out the paper work needed. Pay the fees and make copies of the documents. Keep a copy for file then place a second copy on display in your establishment so customers can see.

Find sufficient financing

If you can’t self finance your own shop, try applying for a bank loan. Another way to raise capital is to sell property that you may have that has value. If that doesn’t work, try looking for an angel investor.

Find a strategic location

Make an appointment with a real estate person. Together determine which locations would be strategic for an internet venture. Look for a spot that’s near a school or any public area that has people like near a subway or waiting places like bus stations. Find a place that has people. Next hire an architect and contractor to design and remodel your potential internet spot.

Invest on computers and other equipment

Purchase computer equipment from trusted wholesale dealers. Try searching the web for such dealers and do business with one that satisfies your business requirements. Find a dealer who’ll give you the lowest price without sacrificing value.

Hire a crew

Hire people who not only can work on your store hour specifications but can trouble shoot computer problems as well. You should at least hire 3 people per shift. You need someone to man the cafe counter, another person to man the computer rentals counter and a third person who does assisting, printing, faxing, and troubleshooting.

Marketing your store

Start with a grand opening date promotion. Use flyers and word of mouth advertising. Develop membership discount cards with free hour usage deals.

Indeed an internet cafe shop can be a busy operation to set up however it is easy to maintain afterwards once you have the right pieces in place.


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