Starting a Concierge Service


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Small Business
Published on 07-25-2009

In the increasingly fast-paced modern world finding the time to do everything required can become impossible. To fill this need the providing of concierge services has grown. These businesses provide the much-needed services for people that can take the load off by performing many time-consuming tasks for their clients.

The first step in starting a concierge service is to determine just what direction you want to go. Basically a concierge service can either provide the actual service to the client or they can work as a clearing-house and be the intermediary that coordinated services for their client. You would then have to investigate your area to see if there is a large enough market to maintain you. A small rural area is not a viable location for the average concierge service to thrive.

After determining the area you wish to work in can provide a large enough client base, you must determine just what services you will provide. Various service areas that have proven successful include cleaning services to homes and business establishments, local messenger service, travel arrangements and party planning. A shopping service is another popular niche the enterprising concierge service can provide as well as general errand running for the home or business client.

Branding yourself well and memorably is essential. The client will be coming to the service first due to you and your presentation rather than just the product or service you provide. It is essential they are given a good first impression which you can follow up with great service for repeat business.

Developing an Internet website is another highly effective way to promote yourself and allow potential customers to learn something about you and the services you are able to provide. Using testimonials will give a face to pleased customers so your prospective new clients can see you are able to help make life easier for your clients.

Efficient organization within your home-office is crucial. You must be able to effectively coordinate your various tasks with the people you are contracting to fulfill your client’s needs. Good organizational and scheduling skills are extremely important. If necessary, you should seek out any related self-help classes to improve your ability to juggle the many aspects of getting your client’s requests fulfilled in a professional and timely manner.

Regardless of how well organized you have developed the link between clients and providers, marketing your concierge service will be essential to building a customer base. This type of business can be especially well promoted through networking. Becoming active in your local Chamber of Commerce and other service organizations can provide benefits well worth the time spent in networking with people. These people are businessmen like yourself and are the group which are most likely to be needing the services you can provide. Consider your time spent networking as personal advertising time.

Finally, in order to make a successful concierge service, be ready and willing to always provide that little bit more than your customers expect. Concierge service is all about people. The more pleased with your service your clients are, the greater the chances they will not only remain loyal customers, but may well bring their friends along as well.


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