Stationary Bike vs. Treadmill


Authored by Content Cookie in Exercise
Published on 03-13-2009

Let’s face it. The mere thought of exercising makes a large number of people want to break out in a cold sweat. Going out and exerting themselves in the hot sun or in the cold blustery weather is just not their cup of tea. That is why many of them go for the option of setting up a gym at home. Luckily, there are many types and models of cardio equipment, which can be set up in a house. And the most popular among them are the treadmills and the stationery exercise bikes. But which one are you going to choose and why? This is where you have to compare the sustainability, safety and various other factors, regardless of how effective or not the work outs are.

Fitness and boredom have a strange relationship. You have just got your home exercise equipment. The first few days have gone by in a burst of copious enthusiasm.You have used the equipment whenever and wherever you can. Suddenly you find yourself making excuses not to work out. Sticking to an exercise routine is one of the most difficult things to do. Having your exercise equipment at home is all very well, as long as it does not gather dust and cobwebs. But the only problem with having this equipment at home is that one gets so easily distracted with other things! You would rather be taking out the garbage and cleaning the attic than exercising. That is why it is necessary that your routine should be varied, enjoyable and relaxing. You should look forward to the mere action of exercising. Once, the novelty of the machine has worn off, you’re going to begin to think of exercising as a mundane chore.

Now, let’s look at the treadmill. Walking, walking and more walking is not so much fun. So how do you make it interesting and fun. You obviously cannot pick up a book and read as you walk but you can definitely watch a movie. You can listen to music as well. With a gripping blockbuster in view you might just go through your routine without even realizing that you have walked through the entire movie.

Exercise bikes are quite unique in the manner in which they programmed. You can do plenty of exercise courses within the routines according to your wish. Some of them have even amusing video games which can be very enjoyable as you pedal interactively through a visual course. That is why the boredom factor on an exercise bike is less. A standstill bike can allow you to keep your hands free. So if you like to, you can finish up that book you didn’t manage to go through all these months. Falling off an exercise bike takes some effort but people have easily lost their balance on a treadmill.

On a treadmill the stress on your knee joints is also higher. When you’re walking on a treadmill, your body is going to be subjected to orthopedic stress. There are also chances of you incurring a long term stress-induced damage. Recumbent stationary bikes can help improve backaches and this alongwith many other reasons is why most people prefer the exercise bike over the treadmill. But to each his own. Do what your body is most comfortable with and you can always add that little bit of fun to break the monotony in your own way.


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