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Stationery is AWESOME…and so are Sharpie Pens!

Before you click “play” beware that they do drop the f-bomb a few times in the video, so its slightly NSFW.

It probably isn’t obvious to anyone reading the site, but I’ve been having some technical difficulties for the last week or so that have kept me from being 100% focused on getting new office supply reviews written and photographed.  I think I am close to having things straightened out, but in the mean time I’ve gotten a little behind so I figured I would at least share a quick video that I found particularly entertaining, as well as an update on everyone’s favorite, the Sharpie Pen.  I think my favorite part of the video is not even related to the stationery, it comes at 2:10 when the guy opens the closet door….what IS that noise??  I love the video though, I can totally relate, as I’m sure most of you can too because stationery is awesome.   Hopefully we will be back to a normal schedule on Friday of this week.trans-8360450trans-8360450…but keep on reading below for one more office supply related update for today.



Image courtesy of Sharpie.com

The other day I noticed that the good folks at Sharpie had updated their Sharpie Pen and Pencil Page to include that fantastic looking pen you see pictured above.  It is indeed a very snazzy looking stainless steel version of the fantastic  Sharpie Pen Grip!  I don’t have any additional info on it yet, but as soon as I know more I will be sure to share.  I was also so enamored by the sight of this that I missed that they are also introducing medium point versions of the grip and retractable pens, so be on the lookout for those as well.  Thanks to Kim over on the FaceBook page for pointing out those last two items to me that I totally missed.

With that said, don’t forget to check out the Office Supply Geek FaceBook page where you can keep updated on stuff in between blog posts here, or YOU can keep US updated on the stuff you come across like some of our great readers do.  Either way, feel free to join the conversation over there if you have anything to share that you don’t think fits in with a particular review over here.  I’m always happy to hear feedback (good or bad) on the site, and/or input into the types of products that you would like to see reviewed in the future.

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