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Status Updates without Facebook for Your Desk

Status Updates without Facebook – Daily Mood Status Update

So this one is a little bit of a stretch as an office supply, BUT it’s meant to go on your desk and I thought it was pretty funny, so that’s all good enough for me.  The Daily Mood is a way to do status updates without Facebook but instead with a flip chart of 47 different emoticon faces with descriptions on the front and lots of other information on the back.

Aggravated Status Update

I wont post all 47 different faces, but I’ll share a few like this “Aggravated” one to give you an idea what some of these look like.

Aggravated Status Update Back

The backs of the cards are laid out with the word, definition and many other fun grammatical bits of information on them.   They are positioned so that the information is actually on the back of the card before the one being displayed.  This makes it so that when you are looking at the card in the front, the definition that it applies to is actually showing on the back of the preceding card because if the info was on the back of the card itself  you would never be able to read it  while it was showing.

Cantankerous Status Update

For some reason I enjoy the use of the word cantankerous, although it sounds more like a medical than a description of a mood.

Crazed Status Update

I like the Crazed status Update but it does look like they could also call this one “Steve Martin” for those of you that know what I’m talking about.  If not just Google image search “Steve Martin” and “arrow” to see what I mean.

Fabulous Status Update

Fabulous is pretty…um, well fabulous with its bright pink face and the use of the ampersand as a hair bow.

Rockin’ Status update

I think “Rockin’” is my favorite though because when I have a bunch to get done at work there is nothing better than some headphones and some loud music…preferably Pearl Jam or Rage Against the Machine.

Besides all of the great emoticon status updates, its worth knowing that for such a unique item, the quality on this is great.  The front and back cover as well as the base that it stands on are all made of pretty solid feeling cardboard.  All of it is held together by a double coil binding through holes punched across the top. In my opinion,  The Daily Mood flip chart is more than updating boring old social media sites, so head on over to amazon and order one of these for yourself because they are a great addition to any desk.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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