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Steak Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 05/28/2012

If you like to eat meat, than you probably enjoy a good steak. Getting a big steak that is grilled to perfection is something that many people love to eat as often as they can. The problem that many people run into is the cost of a good steak. If you have a family to feed, a steak is not always an economical dinner choice. It ends up being something that you only get to enjoy when you go out to eat at a restaurant. While it is still as good idea to order a good steak at a restaurant, with a little creativity and good steak recipes a person can still enjoy steak in their home and still stick to their food budget.

The key to eating steak at home more often is to find cheaper cuts of steaks. The filet mignon and the T-bone steaks will quickly eat up a person’s food budget, but pieces of steak such as round steak or chopped steak are much less expensive and with a few simple preparation techniques can provide a family with a delicious meal. You cannot take these cuts of meat and throw them on the barbecue grill with a little salt and pepper and expect them to be tender and tasty. There are two simple steak recipes that people can turn to that are perfect for these cuts of steak.

The chopped steak is great for country fried steak. The steak should be seasoned with salt and pepper. In a bowl beat an egg and add a little milk to it. Dip the steak into the egg wash and coat it. In another bowl add some flour with salt, pepper and garlic powder in it. Drain the egg wash off the steak and coat in the flour. In a cast iron skillet put about 1 inch of vegetable oil in the pan and heat the oil up to 375 degrees. Put the flour coated steak in the oil and cook on one side for 3 to 4 minutes. Turn it over and cook the other side for 2 to 3 minutes. The steak should be a golden brown colour. Serve with barbecue sauce or white gravy.

The round steak can be cut into ½ wide strips. Sauté the meat in a pan with onion strips and green pepper strips. Season the meat with salt, pepper, chilli powder and paprika. When it is almost cooked add a small amount of flour and some beef stock. Bring the mixture to a boil and let simmer for a few minutes. Serve on a tortilla with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and a little salsa. You will have a great fajita.

About the Author : Francesca Rilotelli is a fan of steak recipes



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