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Stealing Office Supplies A Study by OfficeMax

I figured I’d mix things up this week and instead of posting a review today, I thought I would share this survey on stealing office supplies that OfficeMax (@officemax on Twitter) conducted.  They did a national phone survey of 593 employed Americans 18 years old and older to discuss their experiences with…or as “Supply-Jackers”

Following are some highlights of the stolen office supplies survey, but if you want to read a the full results have at it.


The most frequently stolen office supplies are Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters, I’m sure that the majority of those had to be pens.  The interesting part of the survey to me though is that it reveals that over 40% of your co-workers have “borrowed” supplies from you and never returned them.  Now the scary part is that of that 40%+, almost one quarter of those people basically stole your supplies out of revenge.  Think about THAT the next time you and your work buddies are sitting around having lunch together.

All of this thievery has people thinking of ways to protect their supplies, 59% of survey respondents said they keep their supplies in a special space or drawer, and 51% said that they just order extra of the supplies that they know will be pilfered.  I’m sure that the folks at OfficeMax love those of you who order extra supplies.


The questions above made me laugh because I completely agree with all of those statements, especially “I sometimes am critical of the office supplies my colleagues use” which I guess is what makes me such an office supply geek.  And for the record, yes, I am guilty of stealing office supplies in the past.  Chances are that those people who revenge stole from me made out fairly well. simple-smile-1955954  OK, back to work for all of you office supply geeks, try not to steal too many office supplies today.

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