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Step By Step Guide To Help You Protect Your Digital Life

Backup Your Data Properly: Build a habit of backing up your data using several sources.   Mainly Cloud backup services are popular, modern and handy way to backup your data; you should also consider backing up the data using a portable hard disk drive.

Password Strengthen: Two simple rules need to remember: one rule is choosing complex, difficult to guess passwords and the other is not used the same password for all online accounts!

Always Use HTTPS Connection: Most common websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as different banking websites allows you to establish a connection to their servers via HTTPS connection.  To know if the sites you are accessing are secure, make sure the web addresses begin with https and have closed padlock on the navigation bar or footer.

Make stronger Security Questions: Security questions are used as a second layer of security by websites in order to verify users’ identity and assist users reset their passwords. This feature is often used by hackers to hack accounts by guessing the answers asked during the password reset process. However, you can make it hard for the hackers by carefully choosing the security questions and your answers to those security questions.

Opt in 2-Step Verification: Google, Facebook both offer 2-step verification features to build the login process extra secure. The two-step verification feature needs users to provide an extra pin code along with the password

Enable Login Notifications: The login notification feature is a vast security feature offered by a lot of banking and finance websites. When you use this feature, the website sends a notification when your account is accessed from a system that you have not used before.

Do Not Respond to Junk Emails: If you receive any email asking for account, password or credit card information you must not respond to it or click on any links embedded in the email. 

Follow these easy tips to protect your digital life from the nightmares of the hackers. Or any computer support related query feel free to call FixSmith’s toll free number 1-877-255-3353. Our expert tech support teams always ready to assist you. 

John Parker is an experienced consultant of computer support. To know more about and get assistance on computer support and services, please, visit http://www.fixsmith.com/ .


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