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Steps for Ensuring the Success of the Cycle to Work Scheme

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/23/2012

Encouraging the employees to use bicycles to commute to and from work is a good way to create an environment-friendly image of your business. Bicycles offer an easy and effective means of transport, reduces carbon emission and traffic congestion, and also gives the rider adequate exercise.

The Green Transport Plan aims to introduce initiatives to cut down on the adverse effects that motor vehicles have on the environment. Here are the five points an employer needs to keep in mind to implement the Government cycle to work endeavour in your business.

Buy the bicycles and the cycling equipment: Even if your employees want to use a cycle to commute between office and home, the price of the bicycle and the safety gear may be a deterrent to this. However, if the employer is a participant in the Government scheme, they may purchase the bicycles and the safety equipment and avail tax benefits.

As you rent these to your employee for a hire period of up to 12 months, it is possible to get back the entire amount you spend on the purchase.

Arrange for the storage of the bicycles and the necessary equipment: A safe and secure parking facility is necessary if you are participating in this scheme. Moreover, the parking space needs to be close to the points of entry of the office and easily accessible as well as well-designed.

Make sure your employees have adequate space to park their bicycles and secure them to something immovable. It is also important to keep in mind that space is available if the number of bicycles increase.

Provide changing and other facilities for the riders: If the employees are cycling to work, it is your responsibility to offer as much as convenience for them as possible. Adequate shower and changing facilities are necessary for individuals who cycle for an hour or more to reach office.

Providing lockers for your employees makes sure that they do not have to carry essentials on each journey. It is also a good idea to keep a separate space for drying their riding clothes and towels.

Offer repair and maintenance guidance and assistance: Even when most employers require the employees to pay for the repair and maintenance of the bicycles, they provide certain amenities for help. One thing you can do is provide your employees with the basic guidelines of maintaining their bicycles.

An employer participating in the bicycle scheme may have basic tools for repair and maintenance as well as facilities on-site to ensure help for all employees. They may also arrange for regular maintenance workshops.

Grant incentives for employees participating in the scheme: You may have great plans regarding this initiative; however, starting with it and initiating employee participation may seem to be difficult initially. In such a situation, offering incentives for participation may prove to be advantageous.

An employer may also offer cycle riding training for employees to encourage this.

Author Bio

Daniel Smith is an experienced supplier participating in the cycle to work scheme. He provides the details of the steps involved in the cycle to work scheme. If you were looking for more details on cycling to work scheme, he suggests you to visit http://www.biketowork.co.uk/.



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