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Steps on how to speed up my PC without upgrading

There is no doubt at all that, operating a new PC is enjoyable because it is fast and efficient. But, it may become slow over time and later become a chore to operate. There are a few things that you need to do to restore back the speed of your computer. The first step on how to speed up a computer is deleting temp directory regularly. All the time that, you install a new program, it usually creates a temporary file, until it is closed or saved.

The second step is checking the hard disk, if there is any problem. There are mainly two types of hard disk checks, the first one is a file check and it checks, the state of your operating system, your files, life structure and software checks. Incase there is any software problem like corrupt file; the check is going to fix this problem. The other type of hard disk check is physical hardware check. This helps in checking the surface of your hard disk, to find out if there are any bad sectors or to find out, if the drive is having problems. Disk check helps in repairing, bad sectors but if it is not repaired, it is going to make the sector bad.

The third step is turning off active desktop. An active desktop usually turns the desktop to web page and it makes the user, to have things such as a real time calendar and stocks. These things are neat but they will slow down the speed of your computer. Therefore, it is good to turn it off. Wall papers can also slow down the performance of your computer. Pictures files can have a huge impact on your PC. Therefore, it is vital to reduce the size of your wallpapers to two hundred kilobytes or you can use one color background.

The next step on how to speed up computer is to delete everything in the recycle bin. Deleting files, in the disk does not mean that, you are deleting all of them. There are some which are moved to a holding area known as recycle bin. This area is found on the desktop and before deleting everything, it is good to first review its contents. This will help in speeding up your PC, only if the hard drive is full.  

How to speed up PC is a very complicated process, especially if this is the first time that you will be doing this. Therefore, you have to be sure with program that, you are dealing with before installing. If you are not sure about the program, it is good to do research.


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