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Steps to Great Thesis Writing

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 07/29/2008
  • Writing

Many college and graduate students discover that they need to write a thesis. Some are intimidated by the idea of tackling such a project. Fortunately, writing your thesis is something that most can do if they stay organized and respect deadlines. Here are some practical steps to assist in great thesis writing. Create a schedule and stick to it. A thesis is a large project and every large project deserves to have a proper schedule. Your schedule will help to keep you on-target. Keeping you on-target will make sure you get things done on time and don’t stress or fuss over your project. Be sure to add in extra time to your schedule to get everything done. It is important to build a schedule that is practical and suits your life. Don’t make something unrealistic that you won’t actually stick to. Begin with your thesis statement. Your thesis statement needs to be thought provoking, powerful and interesting. Try to come up with something original that no one else has thought of. Even if you are looking at a very popular or common topic, give this a good “twist” to make it all your own. So many that write about Romeo & Juliet focus on the love relationship why not write about the parent relationships? Do something different and unique to make your thesis really stand out.

Take your time with research. Every thesis needs Grade A research behind it. Once you have found your thesis statement, you’ll do research to support it. Don’t just use the Internet. Look in journals, books, magazines and

newspapers. There are many sources of interesting research that you can use for your research. Be sure to use at least the minimum required research sources for your thesis. It is important to follow the rules. Write your first draft. Now that your research is done, it is time to write your first draft. You may wish to outline your thesis to help organize your writing. Confirm that you have all of the research sources that you need for your project on hand. Copying documents and keeping them in folders will make your project go much smoother. Take your time writing your first draft, this will be the skeleton of your project. You can easily improve your spelling and grammar the second go-around. Proofread and create your second draft. Give your first draft a day or two to sit and take a break. This is important so that you come back to your project with fresh eyes. Your fresh eyes will easily notice things about your thesis. Proofread your thesis and correct your spelling and grammar. Add in proper footnotes. Make any necessary changes. Submit it to professors for approval. Once you have completed your thesis, it is time to submit it to your professors for approval. Sometimes your professors will get back to you quickly and other times it may take several weeks to get back to you. At some schools, you need to do a presentation about your thesis, take the time to prepare this if this is necessary.

At this point your thesis project is almost done. Congratulate yourself for getting this hard work completed. A thesis is a project that is well worth the effort and you should be very proud of yourself!



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