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Sterling Collection Build your Own Toy!

  • By Strapon only
  • Published 09/26/2012
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Most of us have had the urge to develop our own sexual toys. While we may not have access to the tools necessary in order to build our own dildos and dongs, we do have other options. The Sterling Collection has made it possible for creative sexual players to build their own bullet that is comprised of specially designed vibrating bullets for external or internal stimulation. There’s plenty of variety to keep couples busy and happy.

There are several combo packs in the build your own bullet series featuring a variety of different bullets that plug into a variety of different controller packs. Creative customers have a choice of purchasing interchangeable vibrating bullets and controllers.

All bullets feature an amazingly sensual velvet-cote that can easily put the wearer into the throes of intense passion and pleasure. Bullets such as these with a velvet-cote should be used with high quality lubricants

which are appropriate to the type of play you want.

The controller units feature from two to seven different vibration intensity settings and are silver plated. Two speed controller combo packs are compatible with the Wild Hide strap-on harness loop and are a great addition to harness play for clitoral or internal stimulation for stud women. When paired with a double ended dildo or dong such as the sexy and satisfying TantusFeeldoe, sexual encounters can escalate into mind blowing experiences quickly and consistently.

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