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stick•it! silicone weekly planner from three by three seattle


stick it silicone weekly planner on the fridge

Our friends from three by three seattle always keep us updated with their awesome new office supply related products, and just a few weeks ago they contacted me to see if I would want to try out one of their new silicone weekly planners, which of course I agreed to.


stick it silicone weekly planner in white

The stick it silicone planner from three by three seattle measures 14″ x 3.5″ with the space for each day measuring 2″ x 3.5″ starting with Sunday on the top and ending with Saturday on the bottom.  Getting set up with this dry erase weekly planner was pretty easy.  It comes with a paper backing that you just peel off before applying it to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface.  Placing this on my refrigerator door as pictured above took a small amount of care in order to make sure there were no air bubbles under it as it went on.  I applied it similar to how you would apply one of those clear screen protectors for your phone or tablet.  I started at the very top and just slowly smoothed it out working my way towards the bottom.  Once it was flat and on my refrigerator, I just used my finger nail and finger tips to bush some of the remaining air bubbles towards the edges to get rid of them.  The good news is that even if you get it wrong  you can peel it off and start over, as it is repositionable, and doesn’t require any hardware to hang up.


stick it! silicone monthly planner in yellow

In addition to the white vertically positioned version that you see in the first photos, there are also a few other versions.  Above you can see this yellow/greenish version that has a horizontal orientation, and also has a small crescent shape included after each day of the week where you can put in the actual date for that day of the week.  The surface of my dry erase planner handled the dry erase pen well, and there was no ghosting or any other issue when I erased my writing from it.

Note:  In the original write up we stated that the dry erase marker came with the planner, but that is not in fact true, it is sold separately, or of course you can use any of your own favorite dry erase markers, sorry for the confusion.

stick it! silicone monthly planner

Another version is their 14″ x 9″ monthly version with 35 evenly sized boxes and days of the week across the top.  Ideally I’d like to see this version have a space somewhere for the month, but that is not at all a deal breaker on these.  If you have a nice smooth surface in your office or cube, this is yet another great and simple design from three by three seattle that is not only an eye catcher, but also will be a help in keeping your days organized.  Check out all of the options over at the three by three seattle website, and thanks again to them for sending this over.

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