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Stitchit Stapleless Stapler from Inventor Jared Joyce


An Innovative New Office Supply from Inventor Jared Joyce, can you guess what it is?

Back in April I highlighted Jared Joyce, an inventor of some pretty innovative office supplies, and at the time I shared some information on his Tape Stamp that he was introducing.  As I write this today, Jared has another really cool office supply in the works.  The photo above might not instantly remind you of any familiar office supply, however what you are looking at is intended to replace an every day desktop item that you have definitely used before.


Step by step, the Stitch-it automatic staple-less stapler fastens your papers together

The item you are looking at is the Stitch-it staple-less stapler that eliminates the need to fiddle with refilling and running out of staples, and having to get the staple placed in that perfect spot every time.  You simply slide the corner of your papers into the right angle cut out of this tennis ball sized product, and it stitches the paper together with a perfectly placed isosceles right triangle every time.  Now this product has not been released yet and I have not had a chance to get my hands on it to review it, so there are still a few elements that will remain unknown until later in the product development process.

Like the Tape Stamp, the Stitch-it staple-less stapler is something that Jared is developing using the social product development site, Quirky.com, which allows you to give suggestions and feedback on each step of the product development process and in return you can earn “influence” (some percent) of the product’s future revenue.

Personally I think this product has a lot of potential to help bring a cool new look to an age old task while reducing waste (less staples produced), and uncluttering your desk, and If that weren’t enough, it finally makes the act of stapling things just a little easier, neater, and more fun!  If you want to learn more, check out the Stitch-It on Quirky, where you will also find some additional pictures and descriptions that detail how to use the product.  You can also check out Jared’s personal site for more on all of his different projects and follow him on Twitter where he is @JARED_JOYCE.

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