Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Christmas is getting very close. If you are like most people, you may be frantically searching for last-minute gift ideas. Even if you have purchased all of the larger gifts for everyone in your family, you may still be looking for stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffer ideas for kids can make your children’s first experience on Christmas morning a delight.

Traditionally, candy, fruit, and nuts find their way into Christmas stockings. As your children may have come to expect these little treats, it is a good idea to include them. However, filling their stockings with other, unexpected treasures will make Christmas morning more exciting, long before they get to the Christmas tree.

In general, stocking stuffers are inexpensive gifts. This does not mean that they must be boring, or inappropriate for the child. With your child’s interests in mind, you can find last-minute stocking stuffers that he will love. Little children love toys. Even if you have wrapped a whirlwind of toys and games to put under the tree, smaller toys can fit in their stockings. Depending upon your child’s age and interests, hand-held games, small stuffed animals, art sets, or hobby kits can all be good stocking stuffers. Another idea for children’s stocking stuffers is to surprise them with something which is related to a larger gift that they will find under the tree. For example, your youngster will be curious about why he is receiving batteries in his stocking– until he finds the great battery-operated toy amongst the presents under the tree.

Older kids love their Christmas stockings as much as the younger crowd. Preteens might like a small piece of costume jewelry, cologne or cosmetics which are designed specially for preteens, or the CD that they have been asking for for a long time. Water globes and other seasonal gifts are usually a winner with preteens, also.

Although it is traditional to keep stocking stuffers basic and inexpensive, you do not necessarily need to follow this formula. A special ring, an engraved locket, and even money are sure to be appreciated. You can also include gift cards in your children’s stockings. A gift certificate for your local toy store or fast-food place will be a winner for the older child who can then purchase the items he wants. These kinds of stocking stuffers are especially fun if you tuck them down inside the toe of the stocking. Your child will be thrilled to find them at the bottom of his stocking, after he has opened his other stocking stuffer gifts.

Regardless of whether you choose inexpensive gifts or opt for something fancy, your child will surely appreciate the gifts he receives. You can wrap them, or leave them unwrapped, whichever you prefer. As most families give children their stockings before proceeding to the tree, opening their stocking stuffer gifts is the first sight of Christmas morning. If you cater to your child’s interests, it is unlikely that he will be disappointed with the contents of his stocking. When you are filling it, be sure to leave enough room for the Christmas candy!


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