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Stories behind high heels

  • By Jessica Marshall
  • Published 01/12/2011
  • Article Writing

Women prefer to look charming and elegant in foot killing high heels rather than look plain in comfortable flat footwear. Men will never understand why women would love to throw thousands of money into fashion houses for a pair of uncomfortable designer shoes to torture their feet. As to the feelings about heels, it can be denied that women indeed hate the discomfort but their love overcomes the negative emotions. The pursuit of beauty can encourage women to conquer any difficulties. Let alone heels can make women look sexy and charming. However in history, men also wore high heels. And in fact, they represented the social status, wealth, and class. This may be the historical origin of love for high heels. A few thousand years ago, when it was Roman Republic, basically, there were only sandals worn by ordinary Roman, sandals with toes exposed when at home and ones with toes covered when outside. These shoes revealed no difference between women’s and men’s. However, the shoes worn by people from upper class showed differences from those of low classes. For example, member form patrician class wore red shoes. And prostitutes in that city wear high heeled shoes. This is known as the earliest time when women begin to wear such shoes. Nowadays, high heels are kind of professional shoes for prostitutes and strippers. It is not difficult to figure this out that such shoes always give people an impression of sexual nature. Though high heeled shoes are no longer worn only by prostitutes and most women love to wear them so that they can look more sexy and charming, only when it is an evening event or a cocktail or such kind of occasions will woman wear seductive heels. During daytime and in most cases, women will choose conservative heels suitable for working environment and their professions. So when you decide to buy a pair of high heels, you should fully take the practicability into account, or you will buy a pair of super gorgeous shoes that can be worn only for once. 



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