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Storyboards For Students

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 08/2/2010
  • Screenplay

Today, students need to work harder than ever to stand out and to achieve the grade point averages they need. In order to make presentations more appealing, many students opt for storyboards that map our their initial ideas during the pre visualization phase. By organizing their thoughts with a frame-by-frame model of their coming presentation, they can refine and improve their work…before showing it to teachers, college professors, and fellow students. One of the main benefits of storyboarding is the confidence it gives to students. Often, students feel nervous about speaking publicly – they will stress about all of the things that can go awry. While some nervousness is normal and healthy, too much can short-circuit a project, resulting in a lower grade. Using storyboards to plan things out is an effective way of practicing and memorizing a presentation. Getting started with storyboards for a class presentation requires a thorough pre visualization process, which can actually be quite enjoyable and illuminating. Even group projects can benefit from this concept. For example, brainstorming with a group can be a great way to “pre-viz” a project. If a student is working alone, they can sit and write down ideas, facts, and notes regarding the tone and purpose of their work. Getting things rolling with pre visualization can lead to a storyboarding phase that is a natural bridge to an ideal end result…

In past decades, the materials used to create storyboards – Bristol board and rough drawings, even Post-It Notes – often made it difficult to visualize properly, limiting the success of the pre visualization process. Today, pre visualization software has brought storyboarding into the Internet Age. For students who grow up

playing with video games, surfing the Web, and texting, digital storyboard software can be a logical way to create better presentations. Every class presentation is like a film or ad campaign – it must be mapped out in the same fashion. When you’re creating storyboards, you must think like a director… you must imagine the audience and how they will respond to every word and image. By utilizing film pre visualization software, you can wow your teachers and classmates! You’ll have it all together! Movie pre visualization software allows you to add an entire cast of pre-loaded characters, as well as backgrounds, special effects, music and dialogue. The software of today is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed to work with programs you already know and love. Importing images from other programs is a breeze. You can even create a Flash movie of your finished storyboard and share it on the Internet or via iPhone. Obviously, getting feedback and preparing are a million times easier when these programs make showing off ideas so simple! Digital storyboard software pays for itself over time. You can use it for schoolwork and for creative projects you do for fun. In fact, using pre visualization software may lead to a fascinating career direction. So many great jobs require storyboarding – directors, ad executives, and animators all use digital storyboarding – it’s just part of the job. You may find you create presentations that open up a lot of new doors…

Getting the lowdown on what storyboard software is and how it can increase your grade point average is as simple as doing a Google search. You can check out all sorts of demos online. You’ll be able to see how every frame of a presentation can be mapped out and tweaked for optimum effect. Be sure to explore the concept of pre visualization and storyboarding before you plan your next school presentation!


Previz is a crucial process in most successful films, presentations or movies. If you’re a student and want to learn storyboarding techniques, check out this website to know how digital storyboard software used for pre-production and previsualization workflow.

by Joy Davenport



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