Stretch Jeans for Men

While men who are fashion conscious might catch the occasional ribbing for looking good, men who aren’t fashion savvy will likely have a great deal of difficulty picking up women (or men, if that’s their taste). However, fashion is a strange creature because what might make one man look like a fool will make another man almost irresistible. Often it’s a careful choice of clothing, but one item in particular has become popular fairly recently. That hot ticket is stretch jeans.

The theory is a sound one, as far as fashion goes. Stretch jeans for either gender are meant to be worn tight. The material, which looks like denim, will stretch when you move so that while the jeans are tight and form fitting, they aren’t uncomfortable to wear or move around in. Of course these particular pants also come in the usual colors that jeans can be found in: blue, black, and various shades of both. However, there are some things that any man who intends on wearing stretch jeans should keep in mind before slipping them on.

First things first – stretch jeans are meant to be worn tight. This means that these jeans will emphasize not only a man’s calves and thighs, but his butt and his hips (since that’s where the waist line usually stops). This means that men who aren’t in shape, or who have a bit of a flabby stomach or backside, should avoid these jeans. Because if you have any flaw in your lower body and you slip on a pair of stretch jeans than chances are that they’re going to emphasize that flaw, much like wearing a wet suit might.

Additionally, if a man manages to meet the fairly demanding standards for physique that stretch jeans require there are still other things that he should consider. Mainly, there are grooming requirements that may be necessary. This is especially true for those men who have a great deal of body hair. If any tight pair of jeans is worn when a man has body hair in close contact with the material, that hair’s going to be tugged, pulled, and eventually ripped out the longer the jeans are worn. Beyond that consideration though, men who wear stretch jeans will likely have to wear briefs or boxer briefs in order to be even relatively comfortable. And of course it should go without saying that shirts should definitely remain un-tucked where stretch jeans are concerned.

Of course, these are just some general guidelines that men should keep in mind before putting on a pair of stretch jeans. Of course there are various ways of deciding just how you look in a pair of stretch jeans and whether or not you should buy them, much less wear them. One is your own opinion, and how comfortable you are wearing them. The other should be the opinion of a trusted friend (preferably of the sexual orientation you’re trying to attract) who can act as a relatively unbiased observer.


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