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Students get helping hand with cooking

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 10/29/2012

A group of students at Northampton University are getting a helping hand with their culinary skills in a bid to wean them off ready meals. The hungry academics are being taught how to cook the basics, such as simple rice recipes, as part of their freshers week festivities, and I for one think it’s a great idea.

I once shared a house with someone when I was at university who, for around about three months, ate nothing but boiled potatoes and Bisto with horrendous consequences. The, dare I say it, slightly unhinged media student ballooned in weight by about three stones during that time and was probably close to recording the first recognised case of scurvy in the UK since 1873. Don’t worry, he’s OK now.

Ben Wesson, aged 20, an English and journalism student at The University of Northampton, who is also Students Union vice president (engagement and participation), at the university, said: “I knew absolutely nothing about cooking when I arrived at university, only from watching my mum, and I was never any good at it at school when it came to food subjects.

“But in my first year I did start to learn how to cook simple recipes like spaghetti bolognaise and that kind of thing. I do think cooking can be quite challenging to a lot of students, and many don’t really know how to go about making a meal. Another thing we are trying to do to encourage healthy eating on campus is to have a market every Thursday at the university, which is all local, fresh produce.

“Part of coming to university is about learning about independence. Helping students to cook and eat healthily is a way to help create well-rounded citizens.”

Jane Bunce, director of student and academic services agreed. She said: “For many of our new students, cooking will be a challenge, but it is also an exciting new element to living away from home.

They’ll all be fine, I’m sure. Just remember to stay away from the gravy, kids.

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