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Stylish Sterling Silver And Leather Bracelet For Teenagers

Bracelets and wristbands are often associated with Friendship’s Day mainly because it’s an old tradition to exchange armbands on this occasion. They come in plethora of shapes, sizes, designs, shades and materials. Being simple, stylish and inexpensive they’re generally preferred by school going teenagers. Different combinations of metals, gemstones and other items are used for designing friendship day bracelets. Nevertheless, most teens prefer to purchase sterling silver and leather bracelet because these materials aren’t gender specific.

Sterling silver leather bracelets are hard to find! This combination is available at reputed brands and jewelers only. They can be worn on your upper arm as well as around your wrists so they perform dual functions: they serve as both bracelets as well as armbands. The first occurrence of standard leather and silver bracelets dates back to 6th century. Indian civilizations were known to use “combination bracelets” that were made with different materials. Thus, the weird concept of silver-leather combination was derived from there.

These armlets became popular among youngsters because they were trendy, expensive as well as shiny so they could carry them almost everywhere, from formal events to casual gatherings. Women were known to use gold and silver bangles studded with precious stones. This practice was combined with modern technologies and contemporary fashion to give birth to leather pearl bracelets.

Pearl leather bracelet was initially designed with a leather base that was studded with pearls at regular intervals. Later, addition of ruby, sapphire, jade, diamond, onyx and other birthstones made it all the more creative. Gradually, other materials like Irish linen, beads, metal cords, rubber, stones, shells, lanyards, stainless steel and mixed alloys were added to personalize it.

Additionally, different versions of a simple wristband were seen: single stranded leather wraps, double stranded bands, multi-stranded armlets and what not. Selected pieces were produced with alphabets and common names. Further additional of trinkets of various shapes such as heart, cross, candy stripes, key ladders and snakes were added to make it modish. There are several methods of customization hence teenagers started personalizing these bands all by themselves. Internet has made it possible for kids to make best use of their creativity. They check out YouTube videos to personalize their leather and silver wrist bands while some youngsters refer to online stores for purchasing these bracelets.

Recently, silver bracelets have become popular choices for males. In case you have a male friend and you wish to present him with an elegant and decent looking bracelet, you can easily get them from online stores. Simply type “men’s silver leather bracelets” in the search tab of your browsers and you can access best bracelets are reasonable rates!!

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