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Submit Articles Online Effectively By Utilizing Article Submission Tips

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 05/3/2011
  • Article Writing

Article marketing is composed of two parts: writing and then submitting. When you submit articles online, specifically well written and niche related articles, you’ll have a huge chance to increase web traffic. Here are several article writing tips and article submission tips that every online business owner and article marketer should know about and employ: Tip A: Look into the length of your write ups. Articles that are too long e.g. more than 1000 words in length, are usually skipped by readers. Most readers get bored or want information fast, and if your works are too long, the readers will look for other articles. If you want your article resource information to be read and your links to be clicked on, therefore, you have to remember this tip whenever you submit articles online: submit articles with at least 400 words up to a maximum of 1000 words only. Ideally, a 400 word – 550 word article is recommended.

Remember too that your grammar and spelling can either increase web traffic or bring no traffic at all to your website. Included in article writing tips as well as article submission tips is to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your pieces as those will surely turn off

most readers. Never submit your writings without first checking for spelling or grammar mistakes. Besides, most directories will also decline your works if you submit articles online that have lots of mistakes. Tip B: Fill in the author information page in each writing directory. Not all writers realize that placing interesting information about themselves on the directory profile pages can help increase web traffic. You see, many people become interested in reading your articles if they are impressed or interested in how you described yourself in your author profile page. You can use that page to convince people that you are an expert and that your pieces are worth reading. Coming up with a good description of yourself and your works is therefore one of the article writing tips that you should not disregard.

There are still other article submission tips that you should understand and make use of if you plan to submit articles online in order to increase web traffic: read the terms of service and editorial guidelines of each directory; avoid keyword spamming – 1 – 2% keyword density is usually enough; check your write-ups via Copyscape to ensure that they are unique. By doing these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create writings that are more often than not able to significantly increase web traffic.



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