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Submit Your Articles To Article Directories To Build Your Visibility On The Internet

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/23/2009
  • Article Writing

Writing and marketing articles will get your name out on the internet while also helping you to build your list. Article writing only takes your time and effort, because there are so many article directories where you will be able to submit your articles once they have been written. Begin by making a list of everything you know about your niche topic. Just start writing down your ideas. As you do this you will begin to think of even more that you want to share with others. You may be thinking about turning your information into an eBook or series of audio recordings, but for now just keep writing. Now it is time to turn these ideas into articles. Start with your main idea and write a three hundred word article telling others about that idea. You can write your articles as seven or ten tips, or you can just write two or three sentence paragraphs, like I am doing in this article.

Once you have written one or two articles, go ahead and submit them to an article directory. I use Ezine Articles first, because they are the largest free article directory in the world. I know that my articles will be see

n by thousands of people, many of whom will become my prospects and clients. Do not even try to make your article perfect before you submit it; you just want to get it out there for others to read. Submitting your articles is the biggest hurdle you will have. Once your articles begin to be published on the internet, you will be on your way to getting known in your particular niche. When you visit the article directories, look through the categories and see where your articles belong. Also, see how many other people are submitting articles in this category. Your goal will be to write enough articles so that you will be in the top ten authors in this niche. The number of articles necessary to do this will vary from niche to niche, so go in and see what others are doing. This also gives you a chance to read other articles on your same topic, and to connect with those authors in other ways. You may want to visit their blog and see if this is someone you could connect with in the future for a mutually beneficial reason.

Now is the time to make article writing a regular part of your online business. Write an article every day and your business will skyrocket in the coming months.



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