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SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebook for Organizing

I was excited when I saw the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebook (buy via Amazon) as a recommended item on my Amazon account.  Lets take a look and see if they are as cool as I thought they might be though.


As you can see from the photos, each of the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebooks has a plain brown cardstock cover with staggered tabs.  They come in a set of 4, with each being a different color.  The pack includes yellow, pink, green, and blue versions, all of which are sort of a pastel shade.


On the inside of the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebooks each of the 64 pages has .25 inch rulings that also extend across the surface of each of the page tabs.  I really don’t like the horizontal ruling across tabs that are meant to be written on against the grain so to say.  The pages also lay pretty flat with minimal effort.


The binding of the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebooks is a nice quality nylon thread stitching that goes all the way through to the center pages.  Without having the opportunity to put these through any rigorous durability test, I will say that they do feel pretty sturdy.

SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebook Writing Sample


So the writing experience is what makes any notebook once you get past the look and the basic features.  Unfortunately for the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebook, problems started to surface with the first few strokes of my Pelikan M805 Medium nib fountain pen with Noodler’s QEternity ink.  The ink pretty quickly spread and feathered a bit.  Other pens did lay down nice lines without spreading


The bigger problem with the SUCK UK A5 Tab Notebook comes in when you look at the back side of the writing sample.  Each of the pens excluding the Uniball Signo had significant show through on the page, not to mention the fountain pen actually bled through to the next page.  I’d say your best bet with these notebooks is simply pencil or light color inks.  From an organizational perspective these are great.  The writing experience was a big miss, so they are a pass for me.  If they look like a win for you though, I grabbed them here from Amazon.

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