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Suitable, comfortable attire my style

  • By Derrick Stickney
  • Published 06/13/2011
  • Satire

When people ask me about my style, to be honest, I don’t know what exactly my style is. As I don’t care too much whether I am in fashion or not, but I know that I have to be in the right attire on different occasions. As a result of my mother’s strict training, I behave as a good girl and always in good girls’ suits. So my favorite color is forever white and the main style of my clothes is brief and maybe kind of cute. When I go to do some shopping, I will not buy anything until I find something that I have to get. This is because it’s a waste of money to buy something that you actually don’t like at all. And to choose suitable dresses, make-up, hairstyle, shoes and your ornaments is in need of great consideration. I can list some examples about this according to what I used to choose. I’m fond of ringlet, so when I get myself prepared for a date, I’ll crimp my hair at first. Talking about this, I have to mention the way we curl our hair. If you have enough time to get ready for the date, you can make your hair rolled in some physical ways such as rollers because that will not hurt your hair. After that, you have to dress yourself up. To get suitable clothes is the most important step. Generally speaking, the date place will be a café or restaurant. With the weather getting cold, so I can choose a sweet sweater that is as long as a dress. Then I’ll put on the woolen stockings and boots as they will keep me warm. After that dust coat is very necessary and I’ll choose the white color. You should be careful when choosing the stockings’ color and you have to make sure the color you choose matches the boots you wear or you’ll get the opposite effect. Usually, I will not make up because I don’t how to do that and I don’t really need to do that. Then I would take my bag and go out. With the winter approaching, to get prepared for the changeable temperature needs not only clothes but also some skin care products. When you get your skin in a good situation, the make-ups will not be a must for you. And on the other side, the wind in winter will always dry your ski, which will make you look older. In winter, we are tired of putting on a lot clothes. But we can protect ourselves from the cold by wearing others additional items such as a hat, gloves even the brooch that will make us a little different from others. The author strongly propose you to consider the best -polo shirts for men provided by reliable seller.

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by Derrick Stickney



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