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Suitable Footwear for Safe Horseback Riding

Like every other occasion, proper dressing is important when it comes to horseback riding. Proper dressing for horse riding does not mean expensive clothing. It involves the choice of clothing and accessories appropriate for your activity. Every article needs to be selected with care. Take for example the horse riding boots.

Boots to Choose: Suitable footwear is essential for horse riding sessions. Right footwear does not only help to make a style statement, it helps to protect your feet from getting hurt, especially when you are involved in an activity like horse riding. Suitable Mountain Horse High Rider Boots help prevent your feet from sliding while the horse takes a spill. Always look for comfort along with safety while selecting the footwear for horse riding.

Boots to Avoid: Being safe is of utmost importance when selecting the footwear for horse riding. There are several styles available in the market. Regardless of style, the right boots for horse riding should have small tread. The heels of the boots should beat least an inch high. The high heels prevent the foot from sliding. Snow boots or hiking boots are stylish enough to catch the fancy of many shoppers. However, these types of boots are not suitable for horse riding due to their wide and boxy make.

Western style boots

: Western boots, popularly known as cowboy boots, come along with the romance and charisma associated with the cowboy image. Vintage western boots have a fusion of myth and legend associated with it. The heels of this type of boots are higher than other horse riding boots. Some boots have crepe soles. All western boots are not knee high. You will find several ankle high boots as well. These types of boots are famous for providing comfort to the riders.

English style boots: English horse riding boots are also well-known to the horse riders. These boots come in different eye-catching styles. The vintage tall, black boots from old British movies are still in demand. These are known as traditional dress boots. These boots are designed to provide protection and support. Apart from dress boots, the riders have the option to choose field boots. This style is designed to offer comfort to the riders.

Appropriate material: The horse riding boots are available in different materials. Cotton canvas, leather, synthetic leather and other materials are used to make these boots. Leather boots are expensive than the other materials. The price depends on the quality of the leather. These boots are known to provide greater comfort for the rider.

Your choice of suitable horse riding footwear also depends on the weather. There are several options available for the riders to select from. These come in different prices depending on the style and brand. Look out for comfortable boots that make the horse riding experience a pleasant one.

Boots from brands like Mountain Horse ensure that your feet are safe from any sort of injury during your ride. A pair of sturdy and comfortable boots is essential. However, it is wise not to indulge in the love for speed, even when you are wearing the right clothing and accessories. Like cars and motorcycles, speed can lead to fatal accidents during horse rides also.

Jon has been a keen equestrian rider since an early age. He writes articles predominantly for the horse riding sector but also for other related industries from time to time. Here he is proving information about Mountain horse High Rider Boots.


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