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Sumptuous and Popular Steak Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 06/28/2012

Most red-blooded meat eaters love nothing more than popular steak recipes and you generally tend to find that men are by far their biggest fans. Whether it is a quick and simple rump steak recipe with a good supply of crispy chips on the side, or a more decadent fillet steak recipe with a gorgeous complimentary sauce, steaks have been a firm favourite for centuries now and this shows no sign of waning any time soon.

Of course, the most popular steak recipes centre around making sure the piece of meat is cooked just right. Very often, if you cook the steak for too long, the resulting dish is going to be too dry and the eating experience can be akin to chewing on a hockey puck. Instead, it is usually recommended that the steak be cooked as medium rare and if you ever dare demand a well done piece of meat, be prepared for a deathly stare of disapproval from any trained chef.

With the cheapest types of steak: e.g. rump steak, the success of a dish is really going to be focussed on the sauces and other accoutrements that are served alongside. This is renowned for being a very chewy steak and definitely not the best. However, that said, from time to time, you may still be able to find an excellent bit of rump steak, but this is usually the exception rather than the rule.

If you are looking to cook a more opulent steak dish, you should at least look at sirloin, but for the very best results, fillet steak is a winner every time! Never over cook this piece of meat as you really will ruin it. The steak should melt in the mouth and a peppercorn and Diane sauce will always add to the enjoyment.

You might tend to find that a ribeye steak is your best bet if you are looking to host a barbecue. This will tend to be a little more pricy than rump, but the extra flecks of fat in the steak make for a perfectly juicy steak after being cooked on the barbecue for a while. Serve this with an accompanying sauce of your choice; together with some hot baked potatoes and you are on to a guaranteed winner.

There are some people who may find the popular steak recipes to be a little on the boring side – that, of course, is their opinion and they’re entitled to it. However, the vast majority of the population loves a good steak every now and again, therefore, this centuries old dish is not likely to fall by the wayside any time soon.

About the Author: Francesca Rilotelli is a fan of popular steak recipes.



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