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SunStar Knock Free Mechanical Pencil Review


The Sun-Star Knock Free Mechanical Pencil

Although I’ve been pretty clear about the fact that I am not a huge fan of regular pencils or mechanical pencils (excluding my Uniball Kuru Toga) I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up the Sunstar Knock-Free Mechanical Pencil from Jetpens.  The obvious thing that stands out about this mechanical pencil is that it looks exactly like a standard wooden pencil, except for the blue color…but it is also available in yellow, light blue, and green.


Sun-Star Knock Free Mechanical Pencil and Lead Storage

The entire body of the pencil is made of plastic, and in the photo above you can see the chamber that unscrews and slides out with the eraser on top.  On the opposite end of the eraser there is a black cap that snaps on the white tube to hold your extra .7mm lead.  The one bad thing about the set up here is that the pink eraser that you see on the top actually is not replaceable.  I would have thought that a replaceable eraser on a set up like this would be really simple to achieve, but I guess not.


The Sun-Star Knock Free Mechanical Pencil Writing Sample on Doane Paper

Writing with the Sun-Star Knock Free mechanical pencil is interesting because the tip of the pencil has a spring loaded mechanism that actually advances the lead for you as  you write.  This little feature is completely unnoticeable as you write, and it just keeps feeding the lead as you need it.  At no point in my writing did I feel as if the lead had advanced too far, it was always at a nice short length that was suitable for writing with and not too long to the point where I felt that it might snap on me.

Sun-Star Knock Free Mechanical Pencil Review Summary.

Overall if you are a pencil person, this is a pretty cool option at only $1.50 from Jetpens.  Just make sure you have an extra eraser, or dont plan on making any mistakes once you have used up what it comes with.

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