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Sunglasses my fashionable secret weapon

  • By Isabelle Richardson
  • Published 01/17/2011
  • Article Writing

The first pair of glasses was made in 1289 in Florence Italy, until today, the glasses witness a long development history: from the pure glasses for short-sightedness to the fashionable sunglasses combined with all kinds of functions. The glasses always bring many surprises for us and become the fashionable secret weapons in the world. No matter the stunning stars in Hollywood or the common people in the street, the fashionable glasses play an important role in leading the fashion. The sunglasses can sweep a hurricane in the fashion world. From the Ray-ban sunglass that is popular at a time in 1937 to the variety kinds of fashionable sunglasses with brand names on the catwalk such as Prada and Oaklay, the sunglasses are well combined with the attire. We can say that the sunglasses are no longer the accessory, and they have already gone deep into the core of the fashion. Those sunglasses are not just a brand with great fame but are the logos of uniqueness. In order to distinguish from the common people and develop a school of one’s own, the stars would like to choose a pair of unique sunglasses to go with their attires. On one hand, the glasses can interpret their personal taste and temperament; on the other hand, they can make them cool and detached. As for common people, they still can use the glasses to make them distinctive and mysterious; therefore, the fashionable sunglasses are the secret weapons in the fashion world. Being an important accessory and well combined with your attire, the glasses would provide stroking key points of your whole attire and thus highlight your charm. When your attire is not outstanding, if you wear a pair of unique and tempting sunglasses, it can also get points for you. No matter go shopping or just walk in the leisure time, a pair of sunglasses can well protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sunshine. When you go fishing, go skiing or to do some other outdoor sports, the sunglasses are the necessary not just the accessory. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to wear glasses, not only because that they are fashionable, but also because they can protect our eye. Sunglasses of different styles are always the hot items in all the season. When a new design of the glasses is available, I would like to have a try. No matter they are streamlined style, with frame or without frame; I would like to combine them with my variety attires. When I wear a pair of hot sunglasses on the street, I feel quite confident. The sunglasses are my fashionable secret weapons.



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