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Super Slim TV Monitor From LG Showcases The Latest Technology

The super slim E2381VR TV monitor from LG combined a super sleek design with their very own Super+Resolution technology.

Showcasing the very best and latest technology, this LED monitor comes with a touch sensitive interface on the base, as well as EZ cabling meaning no more unsightly cabling.

Here we consider what happens behind the scenes – focusing on LG’s design philosophy and energy saving mission.

Design Philosophy

LG has developed a comprehensive design philosophy for monitors that boils down to four basic elements in an effort to predict emerging needs and deliver innovative products to the public. These include; concept, style, interface, and finish.

Researchers, designers, and trend scouts work at the LG Life Soft Research Lab, to predict the future by examining and identifying consumer desires.

By observing the public’s interest in products; and developing design concepts and solutions based on this research, LG can stay one step ahead.

Whilst always working on products for the future, their research is focused on not only new products and technological trends, but also on understanding customer and market behaviour.

But it is not only about the technology. As is expected with the LG brand, they are able to seamlessly combine ground-breaking technology alongside beautiful design.

Setting a new standard for LCD monitors, they focus on the designs that consumers want and the features they demand as opposed to offering your features that you either do not use, or waste your time trying to enjoy your monitor.

Energy Saving

Only products that meet strict criteria of energy efficiency can carry the Energy Saving Recommended logo.

Reviewed annually, the criteria of the Energy Saving Recommended scheme are set by an independent panel. The Energy Saving Trust also tests a percentage of these products.

The aim for both the Energy Saving Trust and LG is to make saving energy – and money – easy, by simply looking for the Energy Saving Recommended logo.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of the TV monitor


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