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Super Thick Index Cards

Kind of a short review today, but we will be looking at these Super Thick Index Cards (via Amazon) in the blank 3″x5″ format.  They are also available from Amazon in blank 4″x6″ and 5″x8″ sizes.  The 3″x5″ size in this review come in a pack of 100 and are made from 130lb stock, while the 4″x6″ and the 5″x8″ come in packs of 50 and are made from 100lb stock.  In the comparison above you are looking at three different stacks of 50 index cards. The Super Thick Index cards are in the background and are the highest stack, while in the foreground you have some Levenger To Do index cards (left) and some Exacompta Index cards (right) for comparison.

There is no question that these super thick index cards live up to their name of being thick.  They clearly (and literally) stack up better than the other two premium index cards I’ve compared them to, which in the photo above are the Levenger To Do cards (center) and Exacompta index cards (right).

With that said though, I would not recommend using these with fountain pens as the ink tends to feather some, and exhibit some bad spreading as you can see from the close up cross section above.  Notably, the sharpie (far left) held up pretty fine, but three fountain pen inks exhibit a mild to medium level of feathering and in some cases some pretty significant spreading which was a bigger issue to me.  The good news is that although there was some noticeable feathering and spreading with fountain pen ink, there was zero show through on the other side so you can actually use both sides of these super thick index cards.


Overall the super thick index cards (via Amazon) iare pretty substantial and great for writing on with a Sharpie.  They are probably also better if you like to put them in a shirt pocket or other places because they are so thick and less likely to bend or get the corners banged up. Don’t forget that you can grab them from Amazon in the blank 4″x6″ and 5″x8″ sizes as well.

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