Supplements For Cycling

Cycling is a tough sport. It requires one to sit on a cushy little seat, lean over and rest on the handlebars, and experience environmental air conditioning. What a life, huh? All kidding aside, biking is actually a very demanding exercise. It places the hips into a state of constant tightening, forces the lower back into hours and hours of flexion, and puts the legs into the ultimate test of endurance.

Fortunately, there are a number of solid products in today’s market to combat the high level of fatigue associated with those who cycle on a regular basis. Although there is such a high variety to choose from, it is not always easy knowing which will actually bestow any serious advantages. Immediately following are a few pieces of information that might make cycling just a bit less of a killer.

1) Recovery. Recovery is one of the most important aspects of exercise. Without proper recovery time, muscles simply will not and cannot function as they are expected to. However, thanks to the guys in the science and supplement fields, there are a few great supplements out there to aid in the recovery process. These products generally feature a unique blend of essential amino acids specifically known to increase muscle recovery and decrease muscle fatigue. Many of these blends also promise increased APT, or energy, production, increased cell volumization, and more efficient protein synthesis. With all of these benefits, it is definitely hard to say no to this seemingly concrete recovery method. Scivation Xtend offers these exact specifications and is a very good looking option in the muscle recovery category.

2) Energy. Even with the best recovery in the world, energy may still be an issue preventing potential progression. Luckily, energy products are one of the most commonly produced supplements in the fitness industry. Apparently everyone lacks energy from time to time. Many of today’s energy drinks claim to provide non-stop energy for hours on end. Unfortunately, a large number of these products also cause a serious crash at the end of those few hours. The stylish looking 5 Hour Energy drinks found in most grocery stores and gas stations are one of the better options in this department. A number of bikers have experienced this product firsthand and have been more than surprised by its effectiveness.

3) Protein. Too much endurance activity, not enough food, and a lack of gym activity essentially function to break down muscle that took so very long to gain. Stop, or at least slow down, this devastating muscle loss. Protein powders are a quality protein source in shake format. Throw a favorite flavor of protein powder into some water or milk and experience instant muscle chow. Whey protein flavors range from strawberry to banana, from mocha cappuccino to french vanilla, and from dark chocolate to root beer. Optimum Nutrition is a well-known protein product and will allow for large amounts of saved muscle.

4) The no-brainer – food. At this point it should be clear that cycling is very hard both physically and mentally. However, it may be even more difficult without the proper nutritional intake. Most people simply do not consume enough food throughout the day. Individuals that cycle on a daily basis need to increase the carbohydrate intake immediately. Carbohydrates provide the muscles with energy; without this energy, those muscles will shut down. Because of the high demands of this particular activity, it is crucial that the carbohydrate amounts of high enough to support the body. Eat, eat, and eat some more!


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