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Supply Teaching

There are many teachers, who for one reason or another in their career, at some point, try their hand at supply teaching. It may be because they are unable to get a job in a competitive business, or perhaps they are coming back to teaching after a career break.

Whatever the reason for getting involved in supply teaching, becoming a supply teacher can be a fun and lucrative means of being involved in the industry. However, getting supply teaching work can sometimes be a challenge. Many potential supply teachers will make contact with the local schools in their area, and although this may be successful, there will also be other teachers doing the same, and so there can be considerable competition and work can be scarce or variable.

For those looking into supply teaching and who want the backing of a large organisation to help them, using the services of specialist educational recruitment agency can have a number of advantages.

Whereas an individual will only usually have contacts with a small number of schools, an agency that supplies teaching services to schools will have developed good working relationships with dozens of schools in your area and thousands of schools nationwide.

These local and national connections, combined with their experience, make them an ideal choice for you as a potential supply teacher. They are also an ideal choice for the schools themselves, as they relieve them of the burden of searching out teaching staff. Why should the school have to ring through a list of potential teachers who may or may not be available, when with one phone call to an experienced agency they can fulfil their staffing requirements in one fell swoop.

As busy schools increasingly turn to agencies to fulfil their staffing requirements, it becomes even more important for supply teachers to register with them and use their extensive services and networks, and not just rely on your own limited range of contacts with local schools.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is a writer and supporter of supply teaching



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