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Surprising Entries to the Amazon top100 Gel Ink Pens


I usually make it a point to check out the Top 100 Gel Ink Pens on Amazon just to see if anything interesting is going on, but I usually don’t find anything of interest.  That changed the other day when I noticed that there were some new entries on the list so I thought I’d share them here quickly.


Pilot G-Tec-C

I was very surprised to see that in the Top 50 was a 3 pack of Pilot G-Tec-C pens, which are essentially the same as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C that I’ve reviewed before.  These are great pens, and in the “Ultra Fine” tips they are .4mm, which is pretty close to the .38mm tip that you are used to in the Hi-Tec-C.  It is also impressive that these have hit the top 100 so quickly since according to the listing they have only even been available at Amazon since June of 2011.


Two More G TEC Cs in the top 100

At #72 and 73 you can see that there are even more G-Tec-Cs showing up.  So it may seem inconsequential, but to tell you the truth, as a person that likes to use pens with a sub .5mm tip it is quite encouraging to see such small tips moving up in the ranks on the Amazon best sellers list.  Maybe we can expect to see more of this class of pen hit the US market?  Definitely keep your eye on the Top 100 Gel Ink Pens on Amazon because you never know what might start showing up.

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