Sweating During Exercising Good or Bad


Authored by Andy Chasse’ in Exercise 
Published on 08-27-2009

Are you one of those poor gym goers who can’t even manage to make it through your entire warm-up without soaking in sweat? Welcome to the club. It’s probably not a club you particularly enjoy being a part of – but why? Other than the fact that constantly being covered in nasty, smelly sweat is rather uncomfortable, are there any other problems associated with it?

Whether sweating during exercise is good or bad is a commonly debated topic in the fitness industry. Many myths to the tune of “sweating means you’re in poor shape” have been spread around gyms all over the world. The internet is heavily populated with these myths as well. Unfortunately, a large number of people fall prey to the belief that sweating during exercise is indeed a horrible thing. Where’s the evidence?

Believe it or not, sweating during exercise is actually a great sign. That probably doesn’t make you feel any better about how bad you smell or how wet the shirt you just put on is, but it’s true. Sweating during exercise means one important thing:

  • You’re very well hydrated. Although sweating depends heavily on a number of factors such as genetics, temperature, humidity, physical fitness level, and type of clothing, it is still a great sign to be soaked in sweat. The purpose of sweating is simple – to release internal heat from the body. Those who are in better shape will often notice that they begin sweating sooner. This is great because your body is hydrated and giving off plenty of internal heat to avoid a potentially dangerous build-up. Remember, part of your body’s job is to cool you off. Sweating a lot during exercise just means you have a very effective cooler – you’re hydrated with little sodium content.

That should answer the question about whether sweating during exercise is a good or bad sign. However, this won’t satisfy the crowds of lifters who sweat puddles all over the gym. If you desire to control the amount of sweat you’re letting off, there are a few healthy options available.

  • Choose your clothing type carefully. We all know cotton is hands down one of the worst materials to wear when you know you will be working hard physically. Cotton holds in moisture like no other. Luckily, several sports clothing companies are coming out with some great alternatives. Dry fit and polyester materials are becoming readily available all over the nation. These materials are much more efficient in handling sweat build-up.
  • Switch your training location. If you run outside in the intense summer heat, consider running indoors on either a track or a treadmill. It may not be quite as efficient, but it’s certainly more comfortable. If you lift weights outside in your garage, you probably already know why you’re soaking with sweat. Think about investing in a gym membership for a nice change of pace.

Although the options listed above are great options to reduce sweating, they aren’t necessary at all. Sweating is a healthy part of life and a natural function of the human body. You have to get used to it at some point!


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