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Swingline Design Your Own Stapler Review


Swingline Design Your Own Stapler Naked

The Swingline Design Your Own Stapler is a pretty cool idea that lets you design your own stapler to customize your workspace.  Its definitely a no frills stapler that isn’t meant to be a high powered workhorse, but it can certainly handle your general use every day stapling needs.


Swingline Design Your Own Stapler Sticker Sheet

The whole concept is pretty simple.  When you purchase your Swingline Design Your Own Stapler package, you get your stapler which is packaged with a coupon code for a free skin from Skinit.com.  As you can see from the photo above, I selected the baseball theme skin for my Swingline Design Your Own stapler, but there are a ton of options to pick from.  You can find anything from geometric designs to country flags to sports teams to hello kitty and more.   If you aren’t happy with the designs that they have to pick from, you can even upload your own image.  The one thing that was a bit of a nuisance though was that the Skinit website that was dedicated to the Swingline Design Your Own Stapler was painfully slow.  This actually prevented me from uploading my own image to try out because I couldn’t stomach the idea of waiting to navigate to that page and deal with how slow that process had the potential to be.


Swingline Design Your Own Stapler Stickers

Applying the Skinit stickers to the Swingline Design Your Own stapler was really pretty easy.  You just need to be sure to clean the surface of the stapler and have a good flat and will lit area to work in.  It took about 3 minutes for me to align the stickers and adhere them to the stapler.  Although I didn’t actually clock my time on the Skinit website, I am almost positive that it took me longer to navigate their site than it took me to put the stickers on my stapler.  If you are a patient person, it is definitely fun to navigate the Skinit website to pick out the decorations for your e Swingline Design Your Own Stapler.  If you want something a little more flashy, there is also a bling version that comes with plastic rhinestones that can be stuck on your stapler.

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