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Swiss watch the king of the watch kingdom

As we all know, Switzerland  is the top producer of watch around the world; Swiss ROLEX, TISSOT and  OMEGA are top of the world’s famous watch brands. Currently, the Swiss  watches accounted for 65% of the world watch market share. Furthermore,  the share of high tech watches even reached 77%, showing the  well-deserved reputation of Swiss watches.                       It  is generally thought that owning a Swiss watch is a symbol of status  and taste. Why is Swiss watch highly respected and why could Swiss watch  become the king of the watch kingdom? One of the essential reasons is  their high qualities. The sophisticated production technology of  movements contributes their time accuracy. Switzerland  is small, but it is the world leader in scientific research.      The  movements of Swiss watches are exquisite made and each link of the watch  manufacture is carefully designed and processed. The accuracy of Swiss  watches makes them distinguished in the world and “Swiss made” has  become the synonym of “high quality”.       For  example, in 1914 from the Kew Observatory ROLEX obtained the A-level  certificate, the highest rating in accuracy. This was a worldwide event  and it made ROLEX popular around the world. Another brand, TITONI,  is a traditional Swiss watch brand. It has been stick in the areas of  automatic mechanical watch over the years and the feature that they  proud most is their accuracy rate of 95%.                                       In  addition to the strong quality assurance, the design of the Swiss  watches’ appearance and function is top-ranking too. Their designs not  only contain traditional culture, but also follow the footsteps of the  times.      LONGINES,  known for elegant from 1832, combines harmony and beauty in its  appearance design. “Elegant attitude, real personality” is the brand  philosophy of LONGINES and Audrey Hepburn was its image spokesperson.                         As for the function design, in 2002 TISSOT launched “T-TOUCH”,  a touch screen watch with 6 extra functions like weather notice,  altimeter, and chronograph and so on. And avant-garde SWATCH is the  favorite of the young. SWATCH is not only a new type of a high tech  watches, but also brings in a new concept: watch is no longer an  expensive luxury or a simple timing tool but a fashion worn on the  wrist.



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