Sydney, Australia The Top Five Attractions


Authored by H. Clare Callow in Oceania
Published on 11-30-2009

There are many wonderful things to do in Sydney. As one of Australia’s biggest cities, situated on the east coast of the country with its famous harbor and beautiful beaches, Sydney has a lot of attractions for any kind of traveler. Here are just five:

1. Take to the waters. As a city built around a harbor, Sydney has a number of water-based attractions. An absolute must for every visitor is a cruise on the harbor. There are various tourist cruises available, which take in the important sights around Sydney Harbor. If you’re interested in a more home-grown experience, take the ferry to Manly from Circular Quay. This will take you out into the harbor, providing wonderful views of Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House and the magnificent foreshore. No matter which method you choose to float on the waters of Sydney Harbor, be sure to allow plenty of time for queuing.

2. The Botanic Gardens and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Botanic Gardens vary in quality all over the world, but in Australia the gardens in most cities are well worth a visit. The Sydney Botanic Gardens are lush with both flora and fauna, and you can get to know some of Australia’s native species up close. Competing with the immediate views of botanic specimens is the view of the city from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, which is one of the best in Sydney. Walking through the gardens at dusk might allow you a glimpse of the flying foxes who live in the area.

3. Visit the zoo. The Taronga Zoo is one of Sydney’s main attractions, featuring a view across Sydney Harbour as well as all sorts of intriguing native and non-native wildlife. The zoos in Australia are some of the world’s best, and over time efforts are being made to make them even more comfortable for their inhabitants.

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge climbing. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy. The climb is a lot easier than it looks, thanks to the gentle curves of this world icon. Once you receive your brief training and are fitted into a purpose-made suit for the climb, prepare for a gentle but brisk climb. The view from the top cannot be described.

Some tips: It’s best to avoid the middle of the day for a bridge climb as the light and heat are better at the edges of the day. When forming a line for the climb, ensure you’re next to someone you like, as you will be beside them for a long time!

5. Cinema in the moonlight. One of the many benefits of being in Australia is the long, summer nights. Citizens of this balmy country have taken advantage of this fact with open-air cinemas, such as the Moonlight Cinemas which operate in Sydney and all major cities in Australia. Sydney also features the Open Air Cinema, near Mrs Macquaries Chair, which provides wonderful views of the Sydney city skyline. No matter which you choose, the experience of watching a movie under the stars as the fruit bats fly overhead can’t be beaten.


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