Symptoms of Low Estrogen


Authored by Ariana R. Cherry in Women’s Health
Published on 09-14-2009

Low estrogen is a common condition in women who are experiencing menopause.  Symptoms of low estrogen can also result when a woman has recently had a hysterectomy that involved the removal of her ovaries. Women who have low estrogen can become at risk for other diseases.  Women may experience a number of symptoms when they have low levels of estrogen. 

One symptom of low estrogen is having hot flashes.  Women can never predict when a hot flash may hit-which can make some situations very uncomfortable.  It could happen during work, a night out on the town, or perhaps in a completely cool air conditioned room. Hot flashes may begin by feeling extreme heat on areas of the face, and then continue to spread throughout the entire body.

Another uncomfortable symptom that women will experience is night sweats. While these are quite similar to hot flashes, these only occur at night when a woman is asleep. If her husband is asleep in bed, sleeping comfortably under the warmth of his covers, his wife may all of a sudden become very hot or sweaty. She might even find herself in a pool of sweat in most extreme cases. In an angry huff, the overheated woman just might throw off the covers.  Sadly-this could cause some “cover wars” between a very loving couple. 

When the levels of estrogen drop, it can also cause some vaginal dryness. The tissue begins to thin which can make even urinating very painful-not mention other life activities as well. Some women may find this topic too embarrassing to discuss, but she should bring it up to her doctor during regular check-ups.  He can find ways to ease her discomfort.

Another fault of low estrogen that can put a wedge between a married couple is low libido. While the woman is busy experiencing hot flashes throughout the day, and then again as she drifts off to sleep-this definitely puts a stop to wanting to have any other kind of cuddling or closeness to the man she loves.  Men should not be offended to these reactions though, as this is only responses from her chemically imbalanced body.

One other symptom of low estrogen includes headaches and migraines. Headaches that once were unbearable during the days that a woman experienced PMS, only becomes worse and develops into migraines during menopause. Part of these problems may be due to an imbalance of hormones.  Women should speak to their doctors about treating the balance, and perhaps the migraines as well.

While no woman is joyful about the effects of low estrogen, almost all women who have a hysterectomy or enter into menopause will experience these symptoms.  Women must be aware of her body, and the signals that it sends, so that she can speak with her doctor about treatments.  No woman should have to lead an uncomfortable lifestyle, just because she is maturing in age.


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