Symptoms of Panic Anxiety Attacks

Panic anxiety attacks are not like anything else in the world of sickness in that they strike quickly, create incredible fear, and then often are repeated over and over. Panic attacks for some people are rare, while others suffer with it daily, weekly, or even monthly. Extreme panic attack suffers can have panic attacks every hour of the day on some level. So what exactly does a panic attack feel like?

Panic attacks do not always manifest themselves the same way in every person. The most common feeling is one of impending doom, followed by shortness of breath, chest pains, hyperventilation, and any number of other symptoms. The symptoms are incredibly scary, and they often will send the sufferer to the emergency room with a fear of impending stroke or heart attack. The frustration is then further irritated by the fact that the doctors find nothing wrong physically to be causing the symptoms. The result is fear of hidden disorders, which then bring on more panic attacks and more fear. This can lead to a lifetime cycle of fear that can be very difficult to break.

Many people explain the sensation of the panic attack as a feeling like a train is coming down the tracks towards them, and they see the train coming but can not move. It is almost like a dream where you are stuck without being able to escape some unseen danger. It is no small wonder that panic attacks can be quite frustrating for the person that suffers and those that love them.

For most panic attack sufferers, the panic attack is very short lived. Usually the panic attack will last about 15 minutes, and then be gone as quickly as it came. Often, panic attacks appear when a person is in a specific situation, and the sufferer will begin to simply avoid that situation. This can be a major problem if that situation is work, or just being alone, or in the grocery store. The avoidance can begin to affect one’s life in a very negative way.

When you suffer from panic attacks, there is no way to be able to differentiate between a panic attack and a real medical problem. This makes it very difficult for people who suffer from the problem regularly. They often will run up huge medical bills trying to solve the problem, and this can lead to other devastating problems in life. Credit, jobs, and relationships can all suffer due to the invasive nature of panic attacks.

If you suffer from panic attacks regularly, there is hope. New solutions in cognitive therapy, medicines and even biofeedback have been made. With a determined attitude and lots of faith and hope, one can usually find a combination of solutions that works for them. Panic attacks do not have to be a normal part of our lives any longer.


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