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Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds, also known as lab-created diamonds or lab made diamonds or faux diamonds or a handful of other names as well are inexpensive diamonds made by man. The research on making faux diamond started somewhere in the 40s. Now imitation diamonds and man made diamond jewelry sell like hotcakes.The trend of cheap engagement rings is quickly becoming more and more popular. So much so that even if someone is willing to buy that special once in a lifetime gift like an engagement ring, he is going to prefer purchasing a cheap or inexpensive engagement ring. Imitation diamond or  faux diamond, once nestled in a gold or appropriate ring or necklace makes for a beautiful look, ‘cause at times lab diamond rings shine and look much better than the real stuff.Most prominent jewelry stores support displaying lab created diamond jewelry. You can easily find yourself a multitude of different arrays of inexpensive engagement rings, or man made bracelets or man made diamond pendants etc etc. These stores fancy mentioning these man made bracelets and stuff as opportune gimmicks  for those who appreciate beauty at an affordable price. If someone gets the wrong idea, it might well educate him or her on the fact that carefully synthesized synthetic diamonds can be equally as hard and as shiny as the real diamond.The term “Lab made jewelry” or “man made diamond necklace” is no longer thought to be a taboo as to why people would opt to buy synthetic or artificial diamonds. In fact cultivated diamond, faux diamond, or simply “Lab engagement rings” is a motto which you can be sure of is going to lure in most buyers, even those who are looking for engagement  rings.

Synthetic diamond engagement rings are a piece of jewelry crafted out of embedding lab

created fake diamonds and placing them inside a pure metal allow. Even the one-time favourite solitaire is also no longer the hottest item on the market. Solitaire lab made diamond earrings,  lab created diamond necklaces, lab made diamond wedding bands and inexpensive engagement rings, all are up for sale in the most magnificent designs and guaranteed low prices that one would flip to see.Imitation diamonds can be prepared in a variety of ways. Two of the most popular methods are the high pressure high temperature produced diamond and the chemical vapour deposition diamond. Both methods  result in bright crystal clear diamonds which often retain their characteristic of hardness and superior glow. In fact the art of creating lab-created diamonds has been so perfected that now sophisticated devices like spectroscopes are required to measure the carat value of these lab cultured diamonds to see whether they are real or fake diamonds.

A one-time considered impossibility has now been achieved with perfection, resulting in literally cheap diamond engagement rings which are actually nothing but inexpensive engagement rings prepared using man made diamonds beautifully carved and set in ornate jewelry rings, necklaces, pendants, chains and earrings for creating that memorable gift that once was absolutely out of reach of the majority of the working community.

man made diamond ManMadeLabDiamonds team acquired samples of every known lab created diamond simulant on the market, then consulted with gemologists and materials analysis labs. What we found was eye opening. Most had obvious shortcomings, some were impressive, but not to our standards. Knowing our clients’s demands for high quality, we knew we had to do better. lab-created diamond


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