Table Seating Ideas for the Wedding Reception Venue


Authored by David Di Cristo in Wedding
Published on 07-15-2008

Planning where everyone is going to sit at the reception can be a task that is a little overwhelming. Try this simple idea. It really worked.

Guest tables

From the many weddings I have attended, I have found the best conversations between the guests have been at round tables that seat 8 people. Guests were all easily able to talk to one another and no one was ever left out of the conversation. If round tables are available where you hold your reception, this is the way to go.

Arranging where everyone sits

Here comes the next fun task. A lot of time and effort go into seating your guests at which table. They are going to be together for quite a while, before dinner, at dinner and while speeches etc. will be carried out.

How do you best show where your guests are to sit?

Sometimes brides use place cards in front of each place setting (tent cards can be purchased in any stationary store) with each name shown. Some brides who are quite crafty make something to sit in front of each place setting with their guests’ names on it for them to take home as a memento of the wedding.

If you want to go much simpler, give this idea a try. It worked quite nicely at the last wedding I attended and saved the bride a lot of time and expense.

Number each guest table on a tent card and place one card in a central location on each table.

Create a master list of guest names and place them under the corresponding table number where you wish them to be seated. One suggestion is to have one sheet by table number and one sheet alphabetically by guest name. It may be easier for some to find their table by just looking up their name on the alphabetical list, but the other list can be quickly checked to see who is also at their table.

This list can be produced on elegant paper on your computer and displayed where the guests can easily have access to it. One location is to have it on the table where you sign the guest book. Have a few copies in different location around the room.

No matter how you set up your reception, remember to enjoy your day.


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