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Tablet PC Guide: Android, Samsung or Windows…

  • By orange en
  • Published 08/22/2011

There seems to be a brand new tablet pc announced every month, as manufacturers run to take advantage of publicity showered on the Apple iPad 2. Since we couldn’t keep track of every tablet laptop launched, we’ve gathered a list and overview of the tablet market.

Apple iPad: By selling million plus iPad’s within first few weeks of the launch, Apple iPad has proved its supremacy in the world of tablet pc. Of course, the initial tablet version had drawbacks; however we can’t really deny the fact that millions were bought at the staggering rate.

iPad is easy to use and, has a wide range of exciting games with web apps which are considered as some of the powerful aspects. iPad 2 comes with two cameras, one in the front & other at the back, quality media playing and notable ebook reading ability. Apple is also using a common operating system called iOS in all the popular products; iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


Android tablet: Available in different sizes from over dozens of manufacturers, these tablets run on Google’s operating system, known as Android. Android tablets offer a lot of options, if you don’t really like Apple’s iPad for any given reason. Popular example is of Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Windows tablets: These tablet pcs have continued to develop and perk up since 90s, and have been running on Microsoft Windows operating system. If you are looking for something between a laptop and a smartphone, however with a laptops experience, these windows based pc-tablets are the best you can get in the market today. You can also use physical keyboards hidden behind the touch screen of these elegant convertible tablet pcs.

Various other tablet pcs: Most of the tablet manufacturers are using Microsoft Windows or Google Android as the operating system on their products; however some companies are trying to imitate Apple iPad by starting from zero to build a new tablet pc that may turn out to be important brands in the near future.

Apparently, if you’re a huge fan of Palm WebOS (bought by HP) or the BlackBerry, you would know that the two highest-flying examples of these are HP’s WebOS-based tablet pc and BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM. Even then, these tablet computers will take quite some time to gear up to the level of competition from Apple iPad and various other notable tablets being offered in the market.

E-book readers: They were once simple tablet computers with screen sizes ranging between 5-10 inches, and can be used to read e-books, e-newspapers and e-magazines. Common examples are Amazon Kindle from Amazon; Barnes & Noble came out with Nook Color, and Sony’s very own Sony Reader.

In addition to new technological advances and features, they embrace all or most of the qualities of conventional e-book readers (e-ink screen, black & white contrast, ebook stores etc) for long reading sessions and are quite in-expensive.


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